here's a super interesting fishy ive been lowkey obsessed with for years... this is a blue glaucus! you might have seen them around before because theyre so stunning!

it's actually a sea slug that feeds on portuguese man o' wars, it can store the venom from those for later use so it can Really pack a punch and i think thats just swell

it's time for the next fishie!! the first time i saw a pipefish i thought it was just a stretched out seahorse, and since they share the same family (Syngnathidae) i'm still saying that they are

i included some different types of pipefish as the images (check the captions!)

pipefish are found in tropical or sub-tropical waters and are usually saltwater, but have been known to survive in freshwater!

they feed by using their mouth as a tiny vacuum! most like to suck up tiny crustaceans!

today i wanna talk about crown of thorns starfish, they are so cool-looking and they're Big Boys!

these are the second largest starfish in the world, capable of reaching a diameter of 13 inches!! they can also grow over 20 arms if i recall correctly!

they are partly responsible for the destruction of the great barrier reef because they're eating the coral quicker than it can grow back, but don't get mad at them! this is a man-made issue (overfishing and sewage dumping)

@spongebob these are EXCELLENT and BEAUTIFUL FRIENDS and thank you for posting these fancy fellas

@spongebob oh!! thats just like what garter snakes do! theyr known for being nonvenomous but they can become venomous by eating venomous toads and absorbing their toxins!

@sonicthehedgehog THATS SO COOOOL! I’ve never heard of a garter snake before, i’ll have to check them out when i’m at my computer!

@spongebob @sonicthehedgehog these guys are even cooler though, because it's not just hanging onto a chemical, they actually preserve the stinging cells whole and repurpose them.

@spongebob god i love your posts. thank u. more people need to know about this

@gen fsdnfsdnAAAAAA!!!! SO SWEET.... BIG LOVE TO YOU!!! fish are so cool and interesting and it feels really great to finally be exploring my lowkey interests in marine life!!! I DO ANYTHING FOR YOU!!

keep learning and teaching !! ❤️ biology has so many cool subfields

@gen 😍 😍 😭 😭 YOURE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!! I wasn't that great at biology back in school because it was so... not-grounded in reality? we barely learned about animals or creatures just the abstract science behind them.... being able to look at how biology actually plays IRL is so COOL!!!!!

@spongebob unfortunately they start you off with the boring baby shit and the biochem in the beginning suuuucks
its so good to see you pursuing your love of marine bio tho !! ❤️

@spongebob how does the number of arms work? Do they grow more, or do they just vary between individuals or varieties?

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