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this is way month past due but hi!! i'm rosie I'm a mod on berries! I'm 23, genderless, bisexual, and i use he/him pronouns only.

if you ever need anything please feel free to DM me, I dont post my discord publicly but if you need it you can ask! ^^

i like using stickers to express my emotions

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hey i really hate to do this but basically my parents prioritize their own wants over the needs of their disabled kid my mom spent 300 bucks on a new flat screen tv meanwhile im emailing back and forth with a woman to figure out disability benefits

please consider lending me a few bucks so i dont constantly have to depend on my useless money wasting mom for everything i want or need

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WHY are people speaking about h*mestuck

ive mentioned this a lot but juno steele from the penumbra podcast's voice is pretty much exactly how i wish i sounded

like its not a HUGE dysphoria thing bc im not even aware of it most of the time but when i am aware of it im really :^(

sigh :^( when will i have a cool deep voice

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ugh. rachel mcelroy has the cutest laugh ever. i love her so much.

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like, we get it, you met a few cis white bisexuals and formed your opinion of the entire community on them

its so weird anyone would think bisexuals on the whole are more cisheteronormative and conform to gender more than other lgbt people when its like

we literally are attracted to more than one gender, why we choose to conform to just one as well

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[centrist voice] but you can’t just save people’s lives? WHAT ABOUT THE MONEY?

Donny Cates said fuck symbiotes and gay rights and gay symbiote rights

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So I'm planning on fighting Donny Cates with my bare hands anyone want to join me I don't plan on fighting fair so it's fine if he's outnumbered

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My preferred gender presentation is "known all around under different names"

but yeah, if youre an nb transmed youre an idiot and if you think its going to make cis people and other transmeds respect you youre even more of an idiot

*finally gets the un i wanted* :^D
*realizes switching to another account is gonna require effort*

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