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I make cool and funky designs on apparel to raise money for local and national charities!

Two of the largest organizations I fundraise for are the Transgender Law Center, a charitable organization that fights for the legal rights of transgender people across the United States, and the ASPCA.

Here's over 30 of my shirt designs! If you have any requests for designs or a charity you'd like to see me make a design for, please contact me! The charity mast be a 501(c)3.

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Robert Vazzo and David Pickup are two cis straight men who sued the city of Tampa over the ban on conversion therapy. They were also plaintiffs in the California conversion therapy case and have offices in three different states. Only Vasso is licensed to practice here.

A federal magistrate is stopping the enforcement of a portion of Tampa’s ordinance prohibiting same-sex conversion therapy for minors because two cis straight men wanted to profit off of them.

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there's like a million little websites now that will provide single page web hosting for free but the last time I did something like that was when I was making Petpages on Neopets at 14 and it's intimidating

why can't they just give me a big box to dump HTML and CSS code into, haphazardly, while I tweak the edits I make in real time

on a virtual pet site

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so I'm incredibly new to Maston and would like some help, I'm a trans man of color from the east coast and I study social media for a living

it should be shockingly evident from social media that poor people are interested in art, science, and culture, too, they've just been historically denied access to them due to classism

training my entire life so that I can destroy flat earth truthers when they geolocate me and descend, demanding I debunk flat earth

this guy runs a blog where he translates random Chinese and Japanese tattoos white people get and tells them what they really mean

coffee-shop au but your hair changes color depending on your emotions

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I've got a big confession guys Show more

changed my icon to irl because I'm always looking out for my thirst followers

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My most intense men's room experience:

I was in a stall taking a dump and in US restrooms there is normally a small gap between the door and the barrier on our stalls.

Someone took a look and said that I should shave off my bush and my junk would look better that way instead of being a jungle.

I wanted to die, I was so embarrassed.

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I can't show yall my entire furby family but this is most of em sans a few broken lads needing new motors

I haven't had the money to buy a new binder in 3 years so if you want to help me scrounge up $30 here's the link:

marketing yourself as a writer on the internet is just yelling on social media until people find your selfies and thirstfollow you

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i like this tiny bug baby, it is very cute and wants to help real bad

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As a reptile and amphibian keeper I would like to add that you need to have special emergency plans in case the heat and/or power go out.

Thankfully, most will just go into a dormant state during the cold but depending on the species you may need to take extra precautions.

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