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(reposting ig lolol)
my late !
hewwo i'm van (or jamie!), im 17 and im a pretty chill dumbass. feel free to snoop around on my carrd for more info!:

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feel free to add me on disc if you wanna see me not be an idiot

when someone tells you something bad and youre like

ive been listening to the bayonetta 2 ost for over an hour help

First day on mastodon: I better not boost too much or people will unfollow me

After two days on mastodon: Cannot. Stop. Boosting.

sriracha?? whats that..?

oh you mean gamer ketchup????

add me on disc. im stew pit and terrible at starting conversations but im rad

why is someone flirting with jibanyan from yokai watch in the discord rp im crying

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