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on this server i have a chance to reinvent myself, so im gonna squander it entirely by tooting about nothing but shit, lesbians, and dinosaurs

i can wake up in the morning in my sweatshirt and sweatpants, roll out of bed, and look in the mirror and know that i'm cute af. hell yeah

Daily reminder that all girls are precious
And 100% valid

i humbly submit my request for neck scritches to the good girls of mastodon

Mastodon Is Crumbling—Creator: "I Don't Feel So Good..."

@​ben if anything this is professor r-b here with me

After a childhood of consistently repressed Queerness at every turn, getting to inject Queerness into every facet of life and interaction will never not feel resuscitating and euphoric.

so how often do you just........ girls

for me personally? so often omg

I love big coats and sweaters so much, I love having wonderful, soft barriers between my body and the world

my furnituresona is a chair that leans back really nicely

earrings which are big ol' wrecking balls that you can swing around

oh right, i have a crush on sonequa martin-green! thx discovery! can't wait for next episode!!!

some dude at the next gaming table over has just been
staring at me
idk what to do??

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