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on this server i have a chance to reinvent myself, so im gonna squander it entirely by tooting about nothing but shit, lesbians, and dinosaurs

the seductive siren song of instances with more than 8 custom emojis and 1 emoji alphabet

@anna oh that's much better

considering moving much more strongly now tbh, berries is pretty adamant that they won't be transparent about off-instance silencing/suspensions and while that's fine as a moderation decision it doesn't fit with how i want to use the platform

considering graduating berries high school 2 years late and applying to knzk university

*sound of cheese being loudly extruded from a cheese extrusion machine* is gonna be my new ringtone as soon as i find out what that sounds like

busy getting a pentacle tattooed around my junk to summon a demon into my pelvis for Reasons

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me talking about the gsa kids who have that one haircut, stan hamilton, and watch steven universe

no matter how unproductive or crappy your day is, remember you at least aren't playing league of legends

continuing to be a colossal shit until someone flushes me into the sewer system of Any Other Instance

high schoolers of, kneel before your queen

@SaintoftheSun i just got word that a bunch of creepy white lib racist shitheads all hate mastodon because they think its full of "toxic discourse" and honestly its the best fucking news ive heard in a while

making a burger out of other smaller burgers made of other smaller burgers ad infinitum to flex on leibnitz' concept of the monad

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