boost this toot to learn which spell you survived against all odds, and how it scarred you

@em a witch polymorphed you into a toad when your party tried to steal her orb of scrying. Some mornings you still wake up as an amphibian, of various flavors and sizes

@cinn a cult leader ennervated you, leaving you a drained husk. You lived, but paladins still have a bad habit of mistaking you for one of the undead.

@redglare a stray fireball burned down your home with you inside. You were magically unharmed, though now when you awake in the morning you often find your surroundings burned to cinders.

@little_droid you cast a divination spell to scry the far future, and what you saw turned your face to a field of stars. You know the exact locations of everyone else who has or will cast the same spell, and seen the same horrors

@Salad they used a move earth spell to bury you alive when they left you for dead. You emerged from the ground an hour later, your limbs long and made of earth, grasping wildly for revenge.

@medusamae when you were born, your parents cast fox's cunning to ensure you would grow up sly and ambitious and successful. They succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, as when your fox ears grew in you could eavesdrop on everyone in the building, and hear their secret inner lives.

@nyapeta the storm of magic missiles crushed half the bones in your body. The residual magic tried to apologize by replacing those bones with unbreakable magical force. They glow through your skin.

@dedenne a lightning bolt from an enemy battlemage struck you through your helm and melted your armor. Bits of metal bonded to your skin, giving you a level of protection beneath your new, larger, scarier platemail.

@june a spasm in the weft of the world teleported your entire neighborhood to the Underdark. You still personally teleport when startled; you've taken to carrying a compass, some torches, and a map in your bag wherever you go

@salfisher a stone to flesh spell brought an archway of meat down on your head. You pried your way out from under it, and your many-jointed fingers push through living matter like a knife through butter.

@boggan you cast comprehend languages to listen to the whispers of an elder god. colossal mistake as that was, you still can read the recent histories of objects in the grains of wood and eddies in the air.

@shinylesbian someone tried to shut your mouth with a lock spell when they didn't like what you had to say. Your mouth shut, but your voice resonates louder than ever through the minds of everyone nearby.

@astrology they tried to sacrifice you in their summoning ritual, but instead summoned the demon into your body. You negotiated a deal where it can pilot your body when you sleep, and you get its infernal confidence and immunity to fire when you wake.

@TeethTeethTeeth you wanted more teeth. you got more teeth. everything went better than expected. everyone else around you also has more teeth. they aren't as jazzed about it as you are.

@DangerDyke the enemy spellsword plunged her blade into your chest with the help of an antimagic field. She left you for dead, which was her mistake - your new magic-deadening aura prevented her from using that trick again when you came to collect the bounty on her head.

@_ampersand a counterspell fizzled your chromatic sphere before it left your fingers. The skin on your hands now shimmers like a rainbow, and can blind and dazzle those you touch.

@zyk you were caught in the edge of a Cloudkill's choking vapors. it blistered your lungs, but when your party's cleric pulled you out of it, you were none the worse for wear, besides the steaming green smog that occasionally issues from your nose, mouth, and eyes.

@dirt a blight spell gave you chronic unluck; or at least it seemed to for the first week. then you realized that the caster had a very different opinion on what constituted "bad luck" than you, and you went on to have a nice, placid, unassuming life in the countryside, never running into trouble or dragons or malicious wizards again.

@breakfastgolem they cast feather fall on you so they had more time to aim their arrows, but before they shot you full of holes your party's barbarian dispatched the archers with extreme prejudice. your bones are still light and hollow, like a bird's, and you jump and fall like you're in the moon's gravity.

@NightRose someone cast knock to open up your ribcage for easy access to your organs. your ribs still protrude from your chest, and sometimes break off so you can use them as gristly daggers.

@themorgangoats you fell into a warlock's web spell, and as they were preparing to sacrifice you to their dark gods, you realized you could weave the web around you, and used it to rapidly dispatch them. you now wear your web as silken robes, and can lash out with them as whips or ropes.

@Wewereseeds a lich disintegrated you, but your soul was strong enough to mold the resulting pile of ash back into your form. you look like a silhouette of your former self, a constantly shifting shape of glowing cinders.

@violet you heard a wizard pronounce the first syllables power word: kill, and drove a spear through his throat before the last. those syllables intrude on your mind, and you sometimes find yourself whispering them in your sleep, or absentmindedly scratching them into the ground. when you learn the last syllable, you're not sure what power might be unleashed.

@mrGreen a charm person spell was intended to get you, a humble shopkeeper, to give a party of unscrupulous adventurers an unreasonable discount. Joke's on them - the next time they came around, you charmed them into paying over twice the price for your "artisanal" "handcrafted" "organic" wares

@ishiima an illusion spell had you walk straight into a pit trap. Once you healed from the spike wounds a month later, you found that you would wake up surrounded by comforting illusions of faraway lands and pleasant smells. a planar gate spell dumped you in the middle of the Elemental Plane of Positive Energy. as the raw cancerous, blinding energy of growth and light poured into you, you became something greater. your physical form that walks the earth is but a projection, and when it is injured the radiant truth of your being shines through.

@killeveryhetero a reverse gravity spell sent you spiraling into the sky. when you fell to earth, you found that now gravity bends to you, and you can walk on walls and ceilings and even clouds with impunity.

@CyclopsCaveman you polymorphed yourself into a dragon, and lost yourself in fire and rage and greed and selfishness. when the spell wore off, the dragony tendencies didn't. you sleep better on a pile of gold, and your presence inspires fear and devotion.

@PublicChaffinch a Shatter spell broke your sword and your armor and the ground beneath you. the shards follow you around like a friendly pet, and swarm around those who try to do you harm.

@diodelass a dimensional gate spell was intended to send you directly into the afterlife, skipping the whole messy middle step of killing you. instead, it just killed one of your spatial dimensions; you're 2D now.

@toilet a mending spell the grand high inquisitor cast detect magic at you in your trial for witchcraft to prove that you were magical. little did they realize that this woke up that magic inside you, which manifested itself to make an impassioned defense of the both of you. the judge's verdict was "this is giving me a headache, let them both go."

@Absolutely_Blakely a sorcerer cast a labyrinth spell to trap you and buy himself time while he escaped. when you emerged, you realized you had an unerring sense of direction, and tracked him down the next day to bring him to justice.

@rachel0964 you were the inadvertent test subject for a diabolist's new spell "Remove Bones". It removed your bones, but you stayed upright. you're now two entities; your boneless, stretchy self, and your independent skeleton.

@Chel a fear spell sent you running far, far away from the battle. the fear lingered, and you can unerringly tell when you should leave an area a few minutes before an altercation erupts.

@malkosh a meteor storm spell bombarded your town for a week. when you emerged from the ruins, spitting up bits of rock and earth, you realized that this should never happen to anyone again - and that you could feel your way to the nearest person who knows the spell, like a lodestone in your heart. you found the one who destroyed your town and dispatched him; then moved on to the next.

@radicalrobit every day, a torturer cut off your limbs and cast regenerate on you, until you gave them the name of the leaders of the underground. a week in, you gave them one of the names, were released, then rushed to their defense. you found your leader near-death, but packed their wounds with bits of your own regenerating flesh, and saved their life to fight another day.

@sentiniel a leader of the kraken cult summoned a kraken to devour you. you cut your way out of its gullet a week later, covered in its acidic ink, which etched patterns in your skin. those patterns still secrete that ink, and you can use it to mark walls and eat through metal.

@velexiraptor this is a perfect metaphor for overstimulation/sensory overload tbh

@velexiraptor THIS IS SO FUCKING COOL ty...... 🐀 🐀 🐀 !!!

@velexiraptor who are you and how do you know my life story? :blobsleepless:


@velexiraptor that's. that's pretty insane and i love it, thank you so much!!

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