there's no german classes for beginners this semester and i realized french kinda sucks so i guess i'm learning italian now :v

writers stop unnecessarily torturing ur characters challenge

i'm tired but that's not going to stop me from going to sleep at 5 am :3

this semester is a mess already fkfjsjjhh

capybaras are too good for this world

me listening to édith piaf and having an identity crisis at 3 am

flat eric looks like a puppet from 31 minutos and it gives me nostalgia :'v

me flirting: so what's your favorite incense smell

i have to take a foreign language class next semester and i still don't know if i should go with french or german :crying_cat2: i'm too indecisive,,.

the only panel in snotgirl that matters

all green haired characters are valid

i already played all the games i wanted to play this winter break and now i don't know what to do with my freetime :crying_cat2:

sans vs ness
miss berries vs bluer berry

can the two berries stop causing a paradox please i can't post you're breaking reality

*googles how to get my irl friends into my obscure interests*
it's For Science

THE NEW MP100 EPISODE WAS SO GOOD i forgot how much i love mob dfkghjhh just look at him,,

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