huh salads aren't that bad i should eat healthy food more often

honestly i'll never get over the shrek soundtrack

i don't know anything all i know is that girls = pretty

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. and that's the tea

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sister: *leaves the house to buy groceries*
me: *blasts kk slider songs until she comes back and stops me*

all i know is i'm an aquarius. the rest is a mystery to me,,,

so i just made one of those weird astrology charts but idek how to read it rifp

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:fist_facing_right_hmn_m1: :fist_facing_right_hmn_b2: :fist_facing_right_hmn_g2: :fist_facing_right_hmn_y2: :fist_facing_right_hmn_o2: :fist_facing_right_hmn_r2: :bang:
retoot to punch homophobes

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