all solidarity to whatever random gay man meaghan trainor calls her “gbf” she definitely seems like she would use that term

emma watson’s pixie cut was probably the most homophobic looking haircut in the world like you can almost hear her hair talking about how short hair doesn’t have to mean “ugly manly lesbians” or whatever

if you’re not leo you’re not valid. he’s the only valid person in the world

update: his name is leo and he’s turning 4 in 9 days. no ninjas have arrived so far

i am at a community event and this little boy with tiger facepaint keeps telling me that ninjas are going to come here and trap me but he’s going to save me. then he said “this painting here is about how i’m going to save you!” while pointing to a photo of some guy sitting on grass

you don’t know what fear is until you’ve attended what you thought was a play but learned after you arrived and the doors were closed that it’s actually an improv comedy group

here’s a confession: i’ve cheated on a “which high school musical character are you” buzzfeed quiz. i didn’t pick the answers that were true to me, i just picked the ones i knew would get me sharpay. i’m sorry.

just learned that kelly clarkson is a republican and i'm upset even though it seems obvious in retrospect

about to drop my newest single, “Should I Wash My Hair Today?”, it’s about whether or not i should wash my hair today

my name is karl marx and my writing is impeccable , check out my materialism it is ultra dialectical

i can't stop hate reading transgender exclusionary feminists blogs and it's affecting my life and overall mood but i can't stop

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here’s a thing my grandfather just said: “when i asked for your grandmothers foot in marriage...” what the fuck what the fuck what thefuck what the fcuk

Doctors Hate Her! Local Mom Discovers One Weird Trick To Bring Back Preventable Diseases!

reading a buzzfeed article of lifehacks for people who raise chickens even though the last time i saw a live chicken i was like 5 and i cried because i was scared of it

i'm really into natural beauty like i use honey on my face and vinegar on my hair but when it comes to deodorant, i want it to come with a hazardous sign otherwise it won't work

this will be the year when we stan christine baranski. it is all about christine baranski from now on.

jesus christ my little brother just asked our grandfather is he still knows how to learn to play new games..... girl......

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