not joking btw. it's about being a gay jew but there's some ratatouille in there

uh-oh sisters, we're writing angsty poetry about the pixar movie ratatouille

whoever invented iphones must be a millionaire by now

i don’t watch the horny dragon show but i think it’s gonna end with all the characters in a 50s themed diner singing billy joel, if you wanna know what i think

rather than feeling cold or hot, my body often likes to set at a secret third temperature, which i call coldhot, or hell,

after years of studying media analysis and semiotics in film i can confidently say that the most important question to be asked about whatever you’re watching is: which one of these characters secretly has a libertarian blog?

an eccentric but bright archeologist searching for evidence that ancient greeks watched anime

they really let a song that starts with "my friend got a girlfriend and he hates that bitch" hit the top of the charts back in the day huh

it suddenly dawns me that i’ll never see two kids stacked on top of each other in a trenchcoat pretending to be a grown up... i feel an unspeakable amount of loss...

my big two “wait there are actually people who live like this” moment was a recipe that started with “everyone has tried tuna tartare at least once” and “we all had our hentai habits exposed to a relative on accident before”

do you ever see something that just reminds you about how some people live in a reality completely different from yours and have no idea that others don’t live like that?

hashtag southern hemisphere hashtag it’s autumn now

i’m finally new boot goofin’ after buying cold weather boots in a summer sale months ago. it is time to new boot goof

fellas is it gay to be a catholic? i mean you're consuming the body and blood of another man 🤔 🤔 😳

i didn’t watch the new game of thrones episode yet, did they manage to get the ring to mordor?

cinderella didn’t wear a mask or anything, they knew what her face looked like. they didn’t have to make thousands of women try on a shoe

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