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you ever forget how much you love a book and then you start reading it again and feels like coming home?

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*blows a kiss to the nightosphere* for you marceline 😚

if you could bring one pokemon into reality which one would it be? i personally would choose Herdier because I've always wished that dogs were real

a five hour nap was not on my to-do list today, but here we are

don't say you play magic cards if you don't know what these are

cats are so funny? they're just like [full body tackles their human's leg] [runs away]


Gender-neutral terms of endearment:
- cowpoke
- pupy
- kitten
- dork
- gamers
- squid
- nemesis
- glimmer in the twilight
- chilling breeze
- phantasm
- raspberry
- dew drop
- mist

reply with other good ones :heart_nb:

me: *doesnt post anything*
also me: why am i not getting any boosts or faves

I got that BDE

:lazer_B: rian
:lazer_D: avid Gilbert
:lazer_E: nergy

if you're into any kind of magic and haven't watched kiki's delivery service well i'm revoking your magic card that's just how it goes

i love people with scottish accent!
have no clue what they say half of the time, but it sure sounds nice

i'm pulling a jesus and sleep the next 3 days, wake me up on sunday

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